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Guide & Tips to Complete The Daily Quest in Yareel

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Daily Quest are one of the easiest way to earn more coin in Yareel. Now we will explain and give the tips to finish the daily quest in Yareel.

Swift Learner
swift learner

You have to raise sexual arousal meter to 20% without doing sex poses in chat mode. Example: sit down and chat, hug and kiss, etc. After you have 20% in arousal meter you can do sex poses and finish the act.

Tips : You can finish this with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.

In First Gear
in fisrt gear

You can complete this quest if you finish the act without changing the speed.

Tips : You only can finish this quest with another player, because NPC Kate / Mike can change the speed.


During the act you have to keep typing in chat box, at least every 15 seconds or less.

Tips : You can finish this quest with a partner, but it’s easier with NPC Kate / Mike.

Fast Switcher
fast switcher

You can’t use one position for more than 10 seconds during the act.

Tips: This is the hardest quest, especially when you play with a partner and they have a bad connection. Don’t chat and make sure you change your position as fast as possible during the act. Also, make sure you start using poses as soon as possible. Easiest with NPC Kate / Mike.

Long Run
long run

Finish act in more than 7 minutes.

Tips : You can finish this quest with partner or NPC Kate / Mike.

6 Minutes or Less
6 minutes or less

Finish act within 6 minutes or less.

Tips : Use a clock to make a record of the time. You need to finish in under 6 minutes, and the important thing is to remember the timer starts counting when you arrive in the room, not when you start using the condom/energy. You can finish the act with a partner or NPC Kate / Mike.

Coffe Break
coffe break

Come back to chat mode (kissing, talking, etc.) during sex and complete the act in less than 7 minutes after that.

Tips: This is one of the harderdaily quests.Recommend using a partner to help you finish this quest, but the NPC Kate / Mike works too. Make sure you finish the act in less than 7 minutes.

Difficult Choice
difficult choice

Use each position no more than 2 times during one act.

Tips : This quest very easy, You can finish this with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.

There and Back Again
there and back again

Visit your partner’s place and return back during one act.

Tips : You can finish this quest with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.

fuddy duddy

Use positions only in the same category during one act. Example : “Face to face” or another category, just don’t switch from this category or you will fail.

Tips: Ask your partner to finish this quest to use only one category during act, as NPC Kate / Mike will constantly try to change category.

Kama Sutra Master
kama sutra master

Use at least 7 positions in one act.

Tips: This quest is very easy, just use 7 or more poses. You can do it with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.


Stay in the same positions for more than 15 seconds.

Tips: You can do this quest with a partner or with NPC Kate / Mike. Helpful to time yourself when doing this quest.

NB : Kate and Mike are Non Player Character (NPC) that become your partner anytime you want, if you can’t find another partner to play with you.

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