Tips for Male: How to get girls that you want in Yareel

cara mendapatkan cewek di yareel

Tips for Male: How to get girls that you want in Yareel

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This time we will give you tips and pointer for male out there who want to get a girlfriend in Yareel. There are several principles that you need to understand about girl player.

There are several types of girl player in Yareel and some of them have the same basic properties which means every girl player want to be treated with good and politely. They are player of a human being and you cannot treat them like a sex object or doll where you can do anything to them. They have heart and feeling and you need to get the heart before she want to play with you.

Before we try to describe the tips, there are several types of girl player in Yareel which will be explained in these categories

  1. Romantic Types
    These types of girl in Yareel player usually loves to be treated nicely and also politely as well. If you give them affection, they will likely to give back an amount of affection to you. This types of player is one of the hardest to find and too sought. However, there are some of these types in Yareel. And if you lucky enough to find one, you can have greatest experience in playing the game for hours.
  1. Imaginative types
    This type of girl in Yareel is the type of girl who play Yareel to release her fantasy and imagination where she can’t find it in real world as the real world may deem the fantasy to be taboo and also different. Therefore, she search for her needs in this virtual world of Yareel to satisfy her secret desire.
  1. Friendly types
    This type of girl loves to chat than having sex, and only want to play when she is in the mood to do it. And remember it is just if she have feeling for you. Therefore, do not ever force her to play with you or you will be categorized in her ignore list.
  1. Present Types
    This type of girl is very common in yareel, because she play Yareel to get gift and coins so she can purchase many kinds of items. Therefore, if you do not have enough berries then do not try to take your chance with this type of girl as you will only become one of her ignore list collection.

From some of the explanation above, we can know several types of Yareel girls that we want right? Therefore here are some of the tips to get some of them :

  1. Make sure you have completed all of the profile you have and do not ever use your naked picture as some girl does not like those types of man.
  2. Try to talk your way first before trying to add her to your friend lists. Try to use polite calling and make sure to give her affection in a simple way, such as humorous sentence and also some affections sentence like asking is she okay, or what kinds of food she likes. These simple tips can give you a chance to become one man that they want and remember.
  3. Try to find girl that are starting to play Yareel because they usually like to read incoming message. To know about it, then you need to find someone that does not have photo profile and of course don’t forget to check their last achievement to see if they are still level 1 which means they are a novice in Yareel.
  4. Go to the bar and try chatting with the girl you found there or just try to take some of them to dance and have some drink.
  5. Give them some present if you have the right amount of berries to purchase the present.
  6. Help her in finding coins by completing quest to help them in their games.
  7. Use random search when she is in a room to make her know you, so you can make acquaintance with her.

Of course, you need to understand that not every method upside can work well. Especially if the girl you want have already too much berries and doesn’t need present or even never read their entry messages. Therefore, be smart and choose wisely!

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