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Yareel Promo Code for new member

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Do you want sign up and get 500 free coin from Yareel?

Now we will share to you, two promo code that you can use when you sign up on Yareel at the first time, If you using this promo code or link below, you will get 500 coin for free, and then you can buy more stuff you need such as Clothes, Accessories or Poses.

Yareel Promo Code and Promo Link :

Promo Code Link
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 promo code yareel

Masukan ke tanda kotak biru salah satu kode promo diatas atau klik tautan promo diatas
Insert one of promo code above to the blue square mark or click promo link above


Tips to increase your coin after register :

– Just make sure you fill up all Profile data, Country and Picture.

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vip member yareel

How to get VIP membership in Yareel

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For you people who have player Yareel, there must be sometime when you feel bored in playing it and you does not want to be limited in playing it. Therefore if you are one of these fellow then you need to upgrade yourself into a VIP member.

Of course, free player can also get many interesting feature in Yareel but there are some certain limitation that needs to be known:

  • You can only date with Mike and Kate NPC for 15 times a week
  • You can enjoy playing with your partner for 3 times a day
  • Coins you get from playing will limited to 15 coins
  • You can only see other person profile albums limited for 10 times
  • You cannot use advanced mode in using the friend search option
  • You cannot purchase items that only available for VIP member
  • Using random search option will yields to longer time.

To abolish the limitation you need to upgrade your membership into VIP member. With VIP member there are many features that you can get. Such as :

  • Get free additional coins every weeks
  • Get free 300 to 500 coins after you upgrade your membership to VIP
  • Get 2 times coins than regular player or free player with a total of 30 coins
  • Can purchase limited items for VIP member
  • Unlimited times to date with Mike and Kate NPC
  • The capabilities of using invisible mode
  • Can use voice chat feature
  • Random search option is much more reliable and faster

There are two ways to get VIP member as follows :

  1. You can purchase it using credit cards with three different options.
    1 month VIP member for $9.95
    3 months VIP member for $19.95
    1 year VIP member for $29.95
  1. VIP can be get if someone give it to you through present, however it will only works for one month.

Have fun in playing Yareel and don’t forget to get the VIP membership!

Regards, Yareel

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cara mendapatkan berries di yareel

Tips on how to get Berries in Yareel

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Berries is one of the main currency in Yareel, therefore you can use it for almost purchasing various things in Yareel. With berries you can purchase coins, purchasing special items, also giving present to another player in the Yareel world.

There are 3 types of ways to get berries in Yareel.

  1. The first way is to purchase the berries with your credit cards. The price for berries in Yareel are diverse like this.
    40 berries = $2.95
    160 berries = $9.95
    450 berries = $24.95
    1000 berries = $49.95
    2700 berries = $99.95
  1. The second way to get berries is to give referral link to other people or person. With this way if other people you mentioned in the referral link are registering or even purchasing berries and VIP member then you will also get the same VIP member as well as berries as much as the person in the referral has purchased.
  2. The third way is to get the berries for free in each weeks in a total of 5 berries per weeks after day 5 you logged on to play this game.

And there you go all of the option and way to get berries in Yareel.

Regards, Yareel.

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daily quest

Guide & Tips to Complete The Daily Quest in Yareel

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Daily Quest are one of the easiest way to earn more coin in Yareel. Now we will explain and give the tips to finish the daily quest in Yareel.

Swift Learner
swift learner

You have to raise sexual arousal meter to 20% without doing sex poses in chat mode. Example: sit down and chat, hug and kiss, etc. After you have 20% in arousal meter you can do sex poses and finish the act.

Tips : You can finish this with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.

In First Gear
in fisrt gear

You can complete this quest if you finish the act without changing the speed.

Tips : You only can finish this quest with another player, because NPC Kate / Mike can change the speed.


During the act you have to keep typing in chat box, at least every 15 seconds or less.

Tips : You can finish this quest with a partner, but it’s easier with NPC Kate / Mike.

Fast Switcher
fast switcher

You can’t use one position for more than 10 seconds during the act.

Tips: This is the hardest quest, especially when you play with a partner and they have a bad connection. Don’t chat and make sure you change your position as fast as possible during the act. Also, make sure you start using poses as soon as possible. Easiest with NPC Kate / Mike.

Long Run
long run

Finish act in more than 7 minutes.

Tips : You can finish this quest with partner or NPC Kate / Mike.

6 Minutes or Less
6 minutes or less

Finish act within 6 minutes or less.

Tips : Use a clock to make a record of the time. You need to finish in under 6 minutes, and the important thing is to remember the timer starts counting when you arrive in the room, not when you start using the condom/energy. You can finish the act with a partner or NPC Kate / Mike.

Coffe Break
coffe break

Come back to chat mode (kissing, talking, etc.) during sex and complete the act in less than 7 minutes after that.

Tips: This is one of the harderdaily quests.Recommend using a partner to help you finish this quest, but the NPC Kate / Mike works too. Make sure you finish the act in less than 7 minutes.

Difficult Choice
difficult choice

Use each position no more than 2 times during one act.

Tips : This quest very easy, You can finish this with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.

There and Back Again
there and back again

Visit your partner’s place and return back during one act.

Tips : You can finish this quest with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.

fuddy duddy

Use positions only in the same category during one act. Example : “Face to face” or another category, just don’t switch from this category or you will fail.

Tips: Ask your partner to finish this quest to use only one category during act, as NPC Kate / Mike will constantly try to change category.

Kama Sutra Master
kama sutra master

Use at least 7 positions in one act.

Tips: This quest is very easy, just use 7 or more poses. You can do it with your partner or with NPC Kate / Mike.


Stay in the same positions for more than 15 seconds.

Tips: You can do this quest with a partner or with NPC Kate / Mike. Helpful to time yourself when doing this quest.

NB : Kate and Mike are Non Player Character (NPC) that become your partner anytime you want, if you can’t find another partner to play with you.

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tips menghindari kejaran cowok

Tips for Females : How to avoid annoying male players

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In Yareel, there are more male players than female players. Almost 75% of the player-base is male, so we can imagine that many want to meet a real female player in Yareel.

Men need a partner to play with and it would be boring if NPC Kate was the only one to play with. So, the majority of male players chase after the female players. This is often accomplished through spam invites and spam messaging, by many rude male players.

And for female players, they will likely be annoyed when another player invites them without greeting, or without trying to get to know each other first. Seemingly, many male players think that all female players in Yareel play only for sexual desires, but this is certainly not true.

Below are five tips for female players to help avoid these annoying male players:

  1. In Yareel you can use “Invisible Mode”, so you won’t be displayed when othersare searching for you. However, friends can still see you and you will show up in the high scores and on others gift walls.This mode is only available for VIP members.
  2. Changing country is an interesting tactic to avoid annoying males from the same country.
  3. Change your language. This way other players can’t search for you in this method, and may avoid you if they think you don’t speak the same language as them.
  4. Change to Lesbian, so that annoying male players are unable to invite you.
  5. And of course, there is the option of ignoring an exceptionally annoying player.

Make sure you have a lot of friends before you use the tips above. It will be hard for you to find new friends, because less people can search for you to add you as their friend.

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cara mendapatkan cewek di yareel

Tips for Male: How to get girls that you want in Yareel

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This time we will give you tips and pointer for male out there who want to get a girlfriend in Yareel. There are several principles that you need to understand about girl player.

There are several types of girl player in Yareel and some of them have the same basic properties which means every girl player want to be treated with good and politely. They are player of a human being and you cannot treat them like a sex object or doll where you can do anything to them. They have heart and feeling and you need to get the heart before she want to play with you.

Before we try to describe the tips, there are several types of girl player in Yareel which will be explained in these categories

  1. Romantic Types
    These types of girl in Yareel player usually loves to be treated nicely and also politely as well. If you give them affection, they will likely to give back an amount of affection to you. This types of player is one of the hardest to find and too sought. However, there are some of these types in Yareel. And if you lucky enough to find one, you can have greatest experience in playing the game for hours.
  1. Imaginative types
    This type of girl in Yareel is the type of girl who play Yareel to release her fantasy and imagination where she can’t find it in real world as the real world may deem the fantasy to be taboo and also different. Therefore, she search for her needs in this virtual world of Yareel to satisfy her secret desire.
  1. Friendly types
    This type of girl loves to chat than having sex, and only want to play when she is in the mood to do it. And remember it is just if she have feeling for you. Therefore, do not ever force her to play with you or you will be categorized in her ignore list.
  1. Present Types
    This type of girl is very common in yareel, because she play Yareel to get gift and coins so she can purchase many kinds of items. Therefore, if you do not have enough berries then do not try to take your chance with this type of girl as you will only become one of her ignore list collection.

From some of the explanation above, we can know several types of Yareel girls that we want right? Therefore here are some of the tips to get some of them :

  1. Make sure you have completed all of the profile you have and do not ever use your naked picture as some girl does not like those types of man.
  2. Try to talk your way first before trying to add her to your friend lists. Try to use polite calling and make sure to give her affection in a simple way, such as humorous sentence and also some affections sentence like asking is she okay, or what kinds of food she likes. These simple tips can give you a chance to become one man that they want and remember.
  3. Try to find girl that are starting to play Yareel because they usually like to read incoming message. To know about it, then you need to find someone that does not have photo profile and of course don’t forget to check their last achievement to see if they are still level 1 which means they are a novice in Yareel.
  4. Go to the bar and try chatting with the girl you found there or just try to take some of them to dance and have some drink.
  5. Give them some present if you have the right amount of berries to purchase the present.
  6. Help her in finding coins by completing quest to help them in their games.
  7. Use random search when she is in a room to make her know you, so you can make acquaintance with her.

Of course, you need to understand that not every method upside can work well. Especially if the girl you want have already too much berries and doesn’t need present or even never read their entry messages. Therefore, be smart and choose wisely!

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Achievements in Yareel and How to Obtain Them

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You will get coins as a reward for gaining achievements in Yareel. There are a lot of challenges that you must do including:

  • Lover >> You have to reach a certain number of orgasms in every level, and the amount of orgasms will increase with the level.
  • Sex Master >> You have to finish the act, and the amount of acts you need to finish will increase with the level.
  • Big Mojo >> To gain this achievement you only need to login daily to your Yareel account, so you can get this achievement.
  • Bourgeois >> Get coins on your account to increase Bourgeois level. The more coins earned the higher your level.
  • Pimp >> Get invitations from other players to their room to get this achievement.
  • Shopaholic >> Spend your coins in the shop to raise your shopaholic level.
  • Sex Machine >> Keep playing everyday to raise your sex machine level.
  • Shifter >> Use different poses in one act to raise your shifter level. Tip: You can do this one even if you have two poses, it’s just about switching them over and over.
  • Casanova >> Send invitation to your room via web link, and reach orgasm with them for next Casanova level.
  • Famous >> Add a lot of friends in Yareel so you can get this achievement.

To obtain all the achievements in Yareel you need to do this:

  • Play as much as you can by using random search, invitation or with friend & NPC Mike / Kate.
  • Don’t forget to login every day to finish Big Mojo
  • Make a lot of friends in Yareel.
  • Use as many sex positions as you can in each act.
  • Collect all items in the shop and use your coins.
  • Finish your daily quests to get more coins. This really adds up.

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cara mendapatkan koin yareel

How to get coins in Yareel

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In this game you will need coin to customize your character, buy poses, buy new houses, rooms, and also decor for your room. Especially, you will need poses to explore and enjoy sex with your partner.

There are many methods to gain coins in Yareel including:

  • Everytime you finish playing with your partner you can get 15 coins as a non-VIP Member, and 30 coins if you are a VIP Member.
  • Finish your 3 daily quests.
  • Don’t forget to login everyday, you get bonus coins for consecutive daily logins, and berries on 5th consecutive login.
  • Try to get achievements and you will get rewards. You can find this statistic at “My Room.”
  • VIP Members receive a bonus 500 coins a week.
  • Another fast method is to convert your berries to coins. You can charge berries with your credit card, daily login bonuses, and randomly upon completion of acts.

That’s all the ways you can get coins in Yareel. Hopefully, this guide will help you enjoy this game. Happy Gaming!

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custome clothes

Beginner Guide to Playing Yareel – Customize Your Character

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Before you begin looking for partners in this game, it is better if you make your character become more appealing, and handsome or beautiful, so you can attract a lot of other player.

To customize your character you need to buy some clothes and other item first, and this is the steps to do it:

  • Go to “My Room”
    my room
  • Click ” Shop & Custom ” menu in the right side
  • At “Body” category you can choose your hairstyle and color
    custom shop
  • And also you can choose the eye color and skin color that you want
    custom eyes
  • Not only that, male characters can choose their “Cock” size and female characters can choose their “Breast” size, but of course you will need coin to buy the biggest ones.
    custom kemaluan
  • And in “Clothes” category you can shop and pick your own style
    custome clothes
  • In Yareel you not only can customize your character and give your character clothes, but you also can buy sex poses you like for when you play with your sex partner.
  • And the “Energy” category is for you to buy “Condoms” and refill the bar. This is the energy bar you need every time you want to have sex. Or you can wait 20 minutes per energy gained.
  • VIP Members can get a lot of bonuses and unlock a lot of unique features.
  • The last category is “Houses” which is where you can buy the rooms and the decorations inside. Here you can buy Condo, Motel, and Modern House!

Happy Yareel! wait other guides from us!

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my room

Beginner Guide to Playing Yareel – Introducing Room Feature

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Beginner Guide to Playing Yareel – Introducing Room Feature

After you logging into Yareel, you will come to the “search users” interface where you can search for and meet new friends from around the world.

login awal

Follow this steps before you play Yareel :

  • Click “My Room” to bring you into your room.
    my room
  • “Search User” will bring you into the same interface when you first login into the game.
  • “Random Search” will find a random sex partners. In random search you can choose to play with 2 people, 3 or even 4 people together. Of course when you play with more people you will find a new sensation you’ve never felt before!
    random search
  • “Shop & Custom” is the place where you can buy items or change your character’s appearance.
    custom shop
  • “Play with Kate” for men or “Play with Mike” for women, is the feature that allows you to play with the default Yareel NPC. If you find that “Random Search” is taking a lot of time or no one wants to play, you can pick to play with Kate or Mike anytime you want.
    play with kate
  • “Link to My Room” is used to invite your friends to come to your room to play through a weblink.
    link to my room
  • “Daily Quest” will show you the current daily quest you have. Every day you can finish three and gain bonus coins from it.
    daily quest

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All images and content are courtesy of YareelEntertainment Ltd.

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