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yareel permainan hati dan sex

Yareel Game, a unique and lovely virtual reality games

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Yareel is one of the examples of a unique and also lovely games that can make your heart goes awry as the game will give you a unique virtual reality world experience. In this game even though you cannot see who is your partner or lover, either a male or female, rich or poor and even pretty or handsome, you will be taken into a world of dreams where you can enjoy a virtual reality that will live up your dreams.

In this games there will be different types of characters, even though the first premise of this games is focused in sex content and also pretty and handsome character. However, after you try this game you will be surprised on how depths the game it is.

Due to this reason, we recommend you to play this game. Win a more enjoyable manner. Because according to our survey and sources, many peoples who played this game too seriously, will end up to forget about their real activity in the real world just because of the fun and enjoyment you can find in this game. Due to these reason, it is better to play accordingly within normal play time.

In this game you can find different types of features and enjoyment. Such as having relationship with other player, having chatting friend to share your thoughts experience,and many more. It is more than just a game that are focused on sex and gratuitous sexual intercourse in the form of 3D characters.

Having friends and even new lover inside the game is possible and will give you a good escapade from your stressful daily life. Here’s place where you and other player can chat and also smiling together, enjoying a virtual reality world that will give you a spirit to have a better life in the real world.

However, despite the many fun and features offered, because this game is really a depth games where we can life another life, it is possible for us to experience sadness in this game. Yareel is a game about relationship, life and also virtual reality where we can enjoy it to living in another life beside our original life. Therefore, it is a highly emotional game that can make you feel comfortable and enjoy this life even more.

Have fun in this game where you can enjoy a game of life without end.


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jangan percaya game yareel

Several things you need to be aware from Yareel

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First of all, if you play Yareel even though it is fun, there are several things that you need to be aware of. The first point is that never trust anyone in this adult game. Yes, it is because the sexual orientation that you can only dream of can be achieved in this game. From the vanilla sex to a more hardcore sex. Therefore be aware on your partner inside the game before you interact with them.

The most important thing is that we need to know about the fake identity of your partner character in the game. We need to be aware that the character they use is not based on their real character and may be a fiction personality. Therefore, we need to understand that in this game everyone can become anyone.

Because Yareel is a fun game where you can dream and live up to your fantasy, therefore you need to be aware of fake identity and also different sexual orientation that sometimes are quite odd and hardcore from the vanilla straight sex we usually known. There is many case of male that are disguising himself as a female in this game in the objectives to get pleasure, sexual flirtation, and even popularity inside and outside the game.

Therefore, you need to be careful when playing this game and don’t let your emotion cloud your judgement. Because if you by any means let your emotion and feeling cloud your judgement, then it can become even more complex. Especially if the person you adore is not the same as the character in the game, which can make you hate them or even worse will make you delete your account and become depressed.

Remember this is just a game, therefore seek your real couple in the real world because a game is only a game where you can enjoy it indefinitely.

Yareel is a game about sex and virtual reality and not about online dating which is important to be remembered.

Be yourself in this game and solve every obstacle to have fun in this virtual reality game. According to our research there are many people that are failed to continue the game as they let their emotion to cloud their judgement.

Love your couple in the real world as the world of Yareel is only a game where you can try your wildest dream inside.

Regards, Yareel

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love and sex in yareel

Yareel, game that addictive and sometimes affecting our emotions

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Normally, a game is just an entertainment, however, inside Yareel universe you will feel something different. Yareel offer different orientation for different player with unique fantasy sex. Unfortunately, inside the game usually some player base cannot think that way and sometimes involve their emotion and heart over their logic. Sometimes some player even have different objective, such as collecting berry and coins so they can shopping their favourite items. However there are several that want to become the best and win the game. Of course it is just a game which means we never let our emotion cloud our judgements.

One thing that makes Yareel different from your ordinary games is that it will sometimes involve our emotion as human being. When we are falling in love with our partner in game and this will influence your selves in real life. Even though we know that Yareel is just a game that involves fantasy about sex and unique virtual reality world. However, we can’t dissolve the feeling of having a couple and feeling jealous when we play this game.

The answer remains to be answered, can you play this game without any emotions?

At first it will sound quite easy, however when your feeling and emotion take place then it will be very difficult. Which makes our emotion and feeling becoming the hardest challenge in this game. Maybe the phrase of “Make Love” really have two meaning, which means sex or growing love between two person.

So, in the end how about your opinion about this game?

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yareel guide

Yareel Menu Guide

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Yareel is 3D multiplayer sex game that offers an experience for the play for having a talk or sex with the girls. In order to play the game, you need to install or download the game first.

If you’re done with registration process, you can start to play the game by doing several things such as, pick the character’s gender, and his or her sexual orientation. One of great points that Yareel has is, the game is available for any Android smartphone.

It will be a great thing for you to have a sex game inside the phone which can be played at any places and anytime.

If you want to know more about the game, you can choose tutorial stage that will make you learn how the game is played. The tutorial is brought by Kate (if you choose to be male) and Mike (if you choose to be woman). It’s really interesting and you will get a coin (a currency used inside the game) if you have a sex with one of them.

By having the tutorial stage, you’re able to learn about the game deeper. If you think that you are good enough for knowing how to play it, then you can start to have an interaction between any players all around the world. The best thing is, you can also have a digital sex with them.

Menu and Option

Game’s Main Menu

  • Partner hiring (By clicking the search menu, you’re able to have a relationship based on your choice on the search box)
  • Random partner hiring (By clicking the menu randomly, you are able to pick a partner based on the system’s choice since you choose it randomly)
  • Shop & specials ( a place where there are lots of stuff available such as, rubber, sex tools and accessories  living place and sex style that you can get here.
  • Play with Kate & Mike (A tutorial stage inside the game)

Search menu (Profile and Player Search)

  • Language / nationality
  • Age, height, body type, and hair’s color
  • Sexual orientation that is divided into several types such as, straight, bisexual, gay, and etc.
  • Amount of sex partners (threesome, sex group, BDSM, and etc.)

Character customization

  • Player’s body including face, hair, eye, penis size and boobs size.
  • Cloth including torso, pant, shoes, and tattoo which can be bought and used.
  • Pose which is consisted of sex pose that can be purchased through the shop (there are more than 50 styles available inside the shop).
  • Energy: energy is used as a rate level that is able to make the player for having a sex. Inside the game, the energy is available as a condom that can be obtained by many ways. Such as waiting for cool down time for each 20 minutes once, gift from other player, or buy it through the shop.
  • Home: there is a feature inside Yareel where any players are able to buy any kinds of houses based on their social status started from usual house, motel, condominium, modern house and mansion.
  • VIP equipment, VIP member is able to get special feature, such as invisible mode which is not available for any players inside the game and high priority for random searching.

Yareel Bisa Dimainkan di Android

Currency system inside the game

  • Strawberries
  • Coins (you can get this while having a sex)
  • Condoms (energy)

Hall of fame

  • It’s based on several factors such as, how many likes that you get, amount of point and coin that you have.
  • Hall of fame is consisted of daily hall of fame, weekly hall of fame, and monthly hall of fame.

Having a sex inside the game

  • While having a sex with someone, we can do several things such as:
  • Having a chat with our sex partner
  • There is a bar on left for male and right for female which is functioned as orgasm bar.
  • Speed control while having a sex that is differentiated with 5 levels of speed.
  • There is also a button that can be used for changing screen mode into full screen.

Sex pose and style

  • Chat and kiss
  • Undressing mode
  • Fellatio
  • Missionary style
  • Doggy style
  • Cowgirl style
  • Exotic pose
  • And other poses

There are more than 50 sex styles that are available inside Yareel and several features that will make us become able to use any kinds of sex tools for example, handcuff. While having a sex, you can change the camera by clicking camera button. Every sex pose and style that is done is having 3 kinds of different camera pose.

Graphics and voice

Any poses and styles that are available in Yareel is made with good animation picture quality but, there is several repetition for groan and moaning voice. Though there might be lots of repetition but, it’s okay. The best thing is, every types of sex speed inside the game have different moan and groan voice that makes the game looks like a real activity.


Even the game doesn’t have descent camera and graphic but, the game is able to create fun and interesting nuance and sex game. It’s proven through how many people that are registered and play the game till now (Based on the data, there are 400.000 members and 200.000 active members that play the game)

The other point about the game is, about affordable price that can be afforded for any people that are interested to be VIP member which can be afforded with $29.95 per year. Besides, the game is available for android system.

Every member that chooses to be VIP has several privileges such as, free 100 coins and several new sex poses and styles that are only available for VIP members inside the game.

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Review Yareel

Yareel Review

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Intuitively every human will never stop playing game, with the ages they are coming the hotter the game that are being played. Therefore, it is not an illegal things if you have an age over 18 years old and playing a wild and imaginative fantasy game like Yareel.

Of course there are player that can explain about the game and how it is working and how we play it, however let us go to the main problem of this game. First of all Yareel is one of the game that are quite popular and even booming this day. This game which is exclusively made for people 18 years age and up are a unique 3D game about sex which can make your wild fantasy into a reality.

If you are interested in it then we will try to review the whole game in details. First of all, the one of made this game interesting is because it can be played in the computer or even on the android. (click here for download)

Every character in this game are an avatar or character that are being made by every player from all over the world. Which is why you can extend your connection and even have acquaintance from other country that can be naughty or polite in this game.

Starting the game

After you complete the installation and registration of the game, the next thing you need to do is to make your own character or avatar in the game. You can freely choose between male and female gender, their clothes, fashion, appearance and even the design of your home or the most interesting and surprising one is that you can adjust the size of your vital area. You can also decide different side of sexual attraction from gay, orgy and even BDSM which is pretty amazing.

However, it is just a beginning. In Yareel there are different types of language from Spain, English and Germany. According to the source, there are more than 150.000 players actively playing the game from all over the world and almost 350.000 players who already registered and play the game.

You does not even need any tutorial in playing this game because this 3D sex adult game is very easy to be comprehend and play.

After your character are ready, the next thing you need to do is to play and enjoy your adventure. Yes you can start the game and find your couple that can play together, chatting and even having a kinky sexual relationship.

Playing Yareel are free, you can freely play the game as your wish while channel your wildest fantasy about sex life without having to worry about moral conduct and afraid to be known by other people. You can freely release your desire and do some make out and sex with other people character inside the game.

If you want to do some orgy party and feel ashamed to do it in the real life, then you can do it in this game. You can use threesome mode and feel it yourself on how to appease more than one couple at a time. Or if you want you can enjoy vanilla sex where you make out in one couple.

Finding couple

How to find a couple? There are two ways to find it. First, you can search a couple with manual try where you can choose one that suitable with your liking. And second, you can use the random search option for your couple so the game will pick a couple that are randomly searched through the game engine.

In this multiplayer game there are many choices that will lead to different results and some events that are highly unexpected which makes the game even more interesting.

Play for Free

This game are played for free, even though there are many doubts that this game is really free. However, this game is completely free without you having to pay for subscription or even buy to play it.

The only payment that you can do is to upgrade the game in order to renew the UI, clothes, home, fashion and also the accessories by becoming a VIP member.

After all of the explanation we are sure you will know more about Yareel the game. For additional information, Yareel has been known as one of the best dating game in the world. Many player comes from different corner of the world to meet up, then channel their dark side and fulfil their inner desire in sexual fantasy.

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Pelajaran Sex Secara Aman di 3D Online Sex Game, Yareel

Safe Sex Lesson by 3D Online Sex Game, Yareel

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Yareel is made to introduce about how to do safe sex by using a condom that is shown inside 3D sex game named as Yareel.

Yareel is the first ever 3D sex and date online game in this world which is only made for Android smartphone. The game is contained with sexual intercourse that is available for anyone that is 18 years above.

The reason about why the game is made, is to save and remind us about how to do safe sex. It’s caused by lots of cases that are happened several years ago where there are lots of cases about sexual diseases caused by free sex.

Salah Satu Tampilan di YareelNowadays, our world is facing a global problem about free sex that is increased in America that is caused by several factors such as :

  • The amount of teenagers that have free sex is increased in America for 39 % in last three years – Reuters.
  • The amount of people that are positively diagnosed for having HIV Aids in Australia’s is rapidly increasing nowadays due to the increment of free sex happened there.
  • The amount of gonorrhea patient (sexual disease) is rapidly increased nowadays and it’s the highest since the middle of 1980s.
  • Between 2005 and 2011, a case about gay sex without condom has increased for 19 %.

Yareel decides to take a part in order to solve the problem by making a game that can help society to use a condom, which is functioned as a tool that can keep us safe while having a sex from any serious sexual diseases.

Any sexual intercourse occurred inside the game is using a condom which is described as the energy. Without a condom, it’s impossible for the character to have a sexual intercourse which becomes the main topic of game.

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Yareel - Mobile Sex Game

Yareel – Mobile Sex Game

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Yareel mobile sex game is a unique game that offer player an interaction between them. To make things even more interesting, there are multiple sex position in your wildest dream available and you can try all of them with your partner using your mobile phone android system.

If you know about “The Sims” then you must know that the Sims are well known because there are many kinds of option and also unique things that you can do like in real life. From decorating your own house to designing it and even giving your player character or avatar clothing and fashion with your own styles, that will make your character unique which makes people loves this game.

In the Sims, you can also getting known to NPC or non-playable character where you can have relationship between her/him and your player character. The relationship can even be continued into a more interesting progress just like in real life. However, in the Sims you will get bored as the relationship between your character is limited with having a sex but without actually doing the animation.

Even though it may look funny, not everyone love this limitation. Therefore for you all who are looking for a unique sims game play, but where you can enjoy sexual relationship between your character and other people player character, then Yareel is one of the best game that are made for you! Because it is focused on the sexual scene and also having interaction between real people in the whole world.

You can also make your own character and create it as your own image, with different fashion sense, unique home utilities and even designing your own home just like the Sims. Additionally when you need your sex partner, then you can see the animation in details with unique style that are exclusive to Yareel game play.

To make things better as we already said before, Yareel is a multiplayer sex game, where all of the player character are real and really a living person out there and you can play it for free which is another great thing to have.

You can play Yareel on the android for free, therefore for you people who are bored with your common and regular video game, then it is time to step into a whole new adult world with Yareel and download it right away.

Play your wildest dream and join Yareel with all of the player from all over the world!

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About This Site

YareelAdultGame.com is unofficial yareel website, I made this website as a guidelines and tutorial for all Yareel members and to increase Yareel member all over the world.

All images and content are courtesy of YareelEntertainment Ltd.

Official Yareel Website : www.yareel.com
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